Sunflower Growing Tips

1.) Pick an area with plenty of sun. Giant Russian Sunflowers need a fence or wall to protect them from the wind.
2.) Soften the soil and dig in some complete fertiliser or compost.
3.) Sow the seeds between August and December. Sunflowers like warm weather so sow seeds in spring and early summer. Push the seeds into the soft soil to 1cm ( 10mm ).
4.) Water gently and don’t let the soil dry out ( water once per day ). As the plants grow, keep them well watered.
5.) Feed every couple of weeks with liquid plant food and seaweed solution. Mulch around the base of the plant to keep weeds from growing and help prevent the roots drying out.
6.) The sunflower should reach maturity in about 10 weeks. If you pick the large flower on top, smaller flowers will grow on the sides.
Remember always: Wear shoes & always wash your hands after gardening